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Non-Working Power Tools?

Small Engine Repairs and Maintenance

Having problems with your power tools? E Z Way Rental Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado services most major brands. We also perform small engine repair. You can also turn to us for power equipment and tool rentals.

Equipment Rental:

  • Cleaning Equipment and Floor Care Tools
    (Pressure Washers, Floor Buffers and Carpet Cleaners)
  • Construction Equipment
    (Cement Tools and Air Compressors)
  • Garden Equipment (Lawn Mowers, Weed Mowers, and Trimmers)
  • General Contractor Equipment (Jack Hammers and Demo Saws)
  • Mechanics Tools and Jacks
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
    (Trailers, Tables, and Chairs)
  • Tree Equipment (Chippers,
    Stump Grinders, and Chainsaws)

Services We Offer:

  • Small Engine Repairs
  • Construction Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
  • Garden Equipment, Maintenance, and Repairs
  • Tool Lubrication, Maintenance, and Repairs

Contact Us for Repairs

No budget for new equipment? Prolong your equipment’s life span through our repair and maintenance services. We provide service for most major brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Echo and Dolmar. Call us at 719-473-2186. We can have your equipment up and running in no time!